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            1. 蘇州君瑞數控設備有限公司




                     Yang tie CNC machine tool (suzhou) co., LTD. Was established in 2013.Mainly engaged in all kinds of imported and domestic CNC machine tool maintenance and transformation and production and sales.

                     "Pay attention to customer needs and sell high quality products" has always been our companys constant marketing policy. The CNC machinery produced by Yang tie has been striving for the goal of pursu-ing the most advanced technology and achieving the highest value with the most economc investment. All the products have also passed the test of strict quality inspection. After years of efforts, we have a unique perspective on the manufacturing integrated processing center.

                     "Sustainable management, look to the world", has been the principle of Yang tierens perseverance, and will continue to seek high quality convenient service and high-tech, low pollution products as a career.Constantly improve the design to achieve perfection, using quality materials to control product quality.